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Our Team

Joshua “J.R.” Greene

Joshua “J.R.” Greene


Josh is a serial entrepreneur that has owned and sold five McDonald’s franchises, started a distribution company that has grossed over $1M in sales, and an avid health enthusiast. Josh helped start BFY Life for one reason – to help athletes find a vegan solution that is better for the mind, body, and soul.

Paul Iatamosi Jr.

Paul Iatamosi Jr.


Paul has over 14 years working in the supplement business and is the current owner of a nutrition coaching company. In addition to these roles, he is a professional bodybuilder. With overall health being top of mind, Paul decided to find a solution that would help him and athletes around the world with their post-workout recovery.

Amy Nally

Amy Nally

Brand Development

Amy measuring in at 4 foot 10 inches (Josh’s very LITTLE sister, yay nepotism) has ventured from her career as a speech-language pathologist to join our team. Amy is a trained dancer and choreographer who has always had a passion for fitness and being active. This mama of 1 wants to help inspire others to find ways to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle while managing their busy lives (like being a mom). As if she didn’t have enough on her plate, she’s also a certified nutrition coach.

Be Forever Young provides the best quality supplements on the market. We apply a ferocious and intelligent work ethic to continuous improvement. Our mantra – Better For You, is directly applied in every single product we design. We take a different approach at BFY Life – our mindset focuses on effort, improvement and providing the best product for our customers.

We hope you join us as we strive to execute our vision, which is making the world a healthier place! We will provide clean and all-natural products that actually make you healthier versus trying to sell you something. We hope to leave our impact on society by encouraging people to live a healthier lifestyle. Our brand is intended to be a lifestyle brand, we do not support “fad diets”, “quick fixes”, or taking the easy way out.

We strongly support small, simple changes that support a strong foundation, then applying building blocks that incrementally encourage self-improvement

From the Beginning

Sal and Josh Discuss

This is when it all began, Sal (who has left the company since) and Josh started to meet regularly at the Aloft Hotel in Cleveland, Ohio. During these meetings is where they started to plan and develop what BFY and the product lines would look like.

Paul Joins the Team

When discussing the perfect team, Paul was the go-to person to bring on board to research, create, and develop our supplement lines. Josh met Paul in Rochester, NY in 2015 when he was constructing a restaurant across the street from the GNC store Paul was managing. They have previously discussed creating a supplement line and in 2018 the timing was right.

We Launch

The website is officially launched and orders started being processed!

Apparel Offered

Our first production of apparel was offered, just in time for the holidays!

Workout Gear Offered

With the pandemic going on, working out at a public gym was becoming harder and harder, at BFY Life we wanted to do something about that, and make it easier to get light workout gear for our customer so they could continue to workout outside of a traditional gym,

First e-Book Written

Our first e-book was published. This was on plant-based meal prepping.

Amy Joins The Team

Amy joins the team and had a “tall” order to fill… bring in a female experience.

First Non BFY Brand Added

We started carrying brands of supplements that were not brands made by the team at BFY Life. We decided it was time to add brands that we believe in and use are part of our own supplementation.

Na Launch

Na was our second product to launch under Nirvana Life Nutrition. This product is the ultimate nootropic to hit the market. Needing a little extra focus for work or the gym.

Relaunch of

Redesigned to help showcase the additional brands and apparel that have been selling on the site. We wanted to make sure our customers have the best experience while shopping online.