I’ve recently discovered that if I make my bedtime shake more dense and less like a shake I feel fuller and enjoy my bed time treat a little more. It may simply be a placebo affect but it works for my final meal of the day, and it seems to last longer (aka all night long while sleeping)

Before I stopped taking whey I would have a casein shake before bed, as it is slower releasing then your typical whey, isolate protein or in this case plant-based protein. So sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night hungry, so I would eat. However making muck has ended this middle of the night hunger and my sweet tooth.

As I would like to say this is a twofer. The base for muck is very simply to make and you can add things to make it taste however you want. The key to making this is to make sure the muck base is completed first.


Hard Copy

Servings: 1
Macros:  220 Calories | 48 Protein | 2 Carbs | 2 Fat
Prep Time: Two Minutes




Scoop 2 scoops of Nirvana Life Nutrition’s Pr Protein into a bowl, add water to thickness of your liking. Remember that this a plant-based protein so if you are used to making a “sludge” with a whey protein you will have to use more water as plant-based protein is more absorbent.

Add optional ingredients after mixed to your liking,

Optional Idea
Freeze for a few hours to have it taste like ice cream

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