10 Mouth-Watering Plant-Based Meals

A plant-based diet does not mean you should compromise the taste of the final product. Some of your favorite dishes can be made completely plant-based with a few substitutions. Read on for some recipes that will have you eating better, fighting disease, feeling stronger, and living longer.


  • Cereal is a breakfast must-have. This homemade bran flakes cereal allows you to enjoy delicious cereal while only putting whole grains and plant-based foods into your body. After you make them, you can store them and eat throughout the week!
  • Are you looking for a savory pancake to kickstart your day? Look no further than this jumbo chickpea pancake recipe! This meal has so much protein and fiber. The versatile chickpea pancake base allows you to mix up your toppings.
  • Do you love smoothies? Then try this berry banana smoothie bowl! It’s packed with fruits and vegetables and allows you to use almond milk for added protein.


  • Salad is the perfect lunch option. It’s light and allows you to experiment with all the plant-based ingredients your heart desires. The only issue with salad? The oil-based dressings. Here’s a completely plant-based dressing that tastes like ranch!
  • This “BLT” sandwich is crunchy, fresh, and flavorful. The only thing you’ll need to ensure is that you are using whole grain bread.
  • Sushi is a great way to get your vegetables, but sometimes it’s hard to get your protein if you follow a plant-based diet. These mini veggie sushi rolls are chock-full of quinoa and allow you to experiment with whatever type of veggies you want!


  • Spaghetti is a great family dinner, but did you know you can use vegetables as the noodles? Spaghetti squash is a great substitute for flour-based spaghetti – you can even add your favorite plant-based sauce for the taste you’re looking for!
  • Looking to spice up your dinner? Then you must try these taco potatoes. Using a quinoa “taco meat” and baked potatoes as shells, this dish is sure to be a hit.
  • Pot roast is a classic and comforting meal. All you need to do for it to be plant-based is substitute the meat for some portobello mushrooms! This recipe shows you how to make the best portobello pot roast.
  • Need a “fix-it-and-forget-it” type meal? Then slow cooker pumpkin chili is right up your alley! You have the option of adding meat, but why would you when this recipe is already completely plant-based?

There are so many plant-based meals out there that look and taste great. All of these recipes allow you to experiment with the flavor so you can eat exactly what you want.

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