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By now the gyms should be getting a little lighter in active members during your normal timed workout. But I’m sure there is still more members than there was in December. But these new members have made it over 28 days. Statically speaking these newbies now have committed and are living their new habit. But when polled, members who have been a member of a new gym for less than 90 days still feel insecure working out.
This is where you seasoned vets can help. I can understand that January 1st you are aggravated at all these newbies taking your machines, not putting the weights away, leaving their sweat all over the benches, and still not knowing proper gym etiquette or form. But the newbies that are still here, want to learn and over 50% of them will become year long members.


You can start to mold to next group of gym members to do things “right”. Be a good neighbor or in this case a good gym member, and tell them why it’s important to strip your weights, to clean up after themselves, and show them proper form, in a non-condescending way.
Remember you were once in their shoes and just like everyone who starts something new, you don’t know what you don’t know. And that’s ok. You have to start somewhere, and your knowledge will begin to grow.
Take some time from your workout, you don’t have to go out of your way, but show the future of gym, the correct way to be a good member. And in the long run, this should help you enjoy the gym even more since you’ll be less stressed about others “messing” up your workout.

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