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Scale & Food

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One of the biggest things I’ve noticed when it comes to making gains or cuts is a lot of people don’t know have a clue how vital food is.  And for the purpose of this post, they have no idea how many calories and macros they are really consuming. 

You might be thinking “I’m not on prep or wanting to cut or gain weight, I don’t need to weigh my meals out, it takes too much time”.  And this is where you get into trouble with your diet.  By weighing your food out you are less likely to over consume. 

Until we become experts on portion sizes which can take years, it is really easy to not pay attention to how much you are putting on your plate.  And you probably are thinking in the back of your mind that you are not trying to lose weight, so why not add an extra scoop?  And if you do that for each of your meals, every day that adds up!

Carrying a scale with you all the time isn’t always practical. So a suggestion I learned while getting ISSA certified as a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist was to use your hands as a guide for how much to consume in each meal. 

                                        Men                                 Women

Protein Dense               2 Palms                           1 Palm

Vegetables                     2 Fists                             1 Fist

Carbohydrate Dense   2 Cupped Handfuls      1 Cupped Handful

Fats Dense                     2 Thumbs                       1 Thumb

While a scale is more accurate, and I would always use a scale while meal prepping, when it comes to eating out and not wanting to look like a bro and carrying a scale with you to a five star restaurant, I get it.  Use your hands a guide to keep you on track.  Remember when eating out, there are no awards for a clean back, you can take leftovers home!

You don’t necessary have to count your macros but you keeping the to the same size meals and the consistency when you were meal prepping or dieting  for the amount of meals, will help keep you on track.  

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