What is the Best Diet?

Limit What You Eat

If you are looking to shed a few pounds, or looking at changing your lifestyle you’ve probably seen a ton of diets out there, that claim to be the best – but are they?  From all the research I’ve done along with everyone else at BFY Life we can confidently say, there isn’t a diet out there that is a ‘best’ diet.   But are their better diets out there for you than others… absolutely!  While I would love to say drinking Pr by Nirvana Life Nutrition all day is the magic bullet to losing weight and gaining muscle and nothing else is needed, well I’d lying to you!

First thing when it comes to a diet, I feel that term or that mindset will set you up for failure.  I prefer referring to a “diet” as limits.  As limits you are putting on yourself to control what you consume.  Also, in the sense of a diet must become a lifestyle change.  Crash and fad diets will work but typical the after effect of the diet is higher fat and more weight than when you originally started.

When it comes to the lifestyle you are wanting to follow you must enjoy what you are consuming or it won’t work.  If you are not going to stick to this lifestyle change permanently then like I said before it could have a negative effect. 

So when picking a diet (limit) pick one that you like.  The next thing to look at it, is to see how your body adapts to what you are eating, how it functions, and how you feel.  While your body should adapt over time to your new limits, it may take longer than expected to see change.  And if you don’t have any personal limits on what you can or can’t eat because of health, religious, beliefs or etc., Maybe going high fats vs high carbs reacts better for you, vs high carbs and low fats.   So, don’t be afraid to experiment with yourself.  But I recommend sticking with one for at least 90 days. 

If you are struggling to find the sweet spot, reach out to one of us at BFY Life, we are certified in nutrition, and will not steer you towards one limit (diet) over another, we will help you find what is best for you. 

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