Why small changes work better!

Why small changes work better!

Why small changes work better!

A little bit of something small is better than none of something bigger. 

Well, that’s not the most elegant way to say – do stuff that works!  Some people tend to focus on large changes in short duration of time. 

However, this takes a tremendous amount of willpower to make large changes in short periods of time, in turn, decreasing the chance the desired change sticks over time.  This is synonymous with “fad” diets, where a person attempts to sustain a high level of will power by eating very strict (to an unrealistic point usually) diet only to come crashing down and ultimate off the diet.  This typically results in people eating more bad food than they originally were before choosing to start the very strict diet.  We would rather see to you take a balanced and holistic approach to your diet. 

Let’s say you wanted to start eating a plant-based diet, it may be wise to start with just coming up with a few meals each week that you can easily prepare and incorporate into your diet. 

Once you’ve established a consistent diet pattern that has been achieved for a couple of months, it will be time to move more toward your ultimate goal.  Maybe you do some more research and realize the health benefits of eating a plant-based diet and this motivates to increase the number of plant-based meals you consume each week to five up from three.  You can do that with less resistance now that you have established a new baseline of eating three plant-based meals a week.  From here, you can continue this process to eventually became plant-based seven days a week.

At BFY Life, not only are we striving to provide the best tasting plant-based protein, but we want to help you live a better life!  With that being said, we take a long-term approach supported by small incremental changes.  

This philosophy can be applied to anything in life.  Start with thinking about a goal or desire you want to pursue – you can get very detailed with your goals, instead of becoming plant-based perhaps you just want to incorporate more vegetables into your diet (or develop the best tasting plant-based protein 😉). 

Once you figure out what you want, start small with incorporating the change.  For the “eat more vegetables” example, perhaps you start by incorporating one vegetable with dinner.  After a couple of months of this, you can start layering in vegetables for lunch as well once your new baseline is established.  Then continue adding until your goal is reached! 

Once you begin down this path the commitment and consistency principle will help you reach your goal and it will be come a self-reinforcing pattern that will become unstoppable! 

Always remember to hang in there and understand some setbacks are inevitable, but if you keep the at the goal and never fully stop or quit, you will significantly increase your chances of achieving it. 

For any helpful tricks and tips on how to make these changes, please do not hesitate to email me at sal@bfylife.com.



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