Top 5 considerations when choosing your protein

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Our team at BFY Life is dedicated to delivering products that are Better For You in every single way. Our combined experience in the industry helped us create a blend that taste great, are affordable and Better For You.

When we designed our all natural, plant base protein we started with the end in mind.  We considered what would the customer’s evaluation process look like when determining which protein supplement to buy.  Additionally, we took into consideration time and money cost when we designed Nirvana Life – Pr to have 30 servings. 

Having the customer in mind helped us develop 5 key considerations a customer should think about when purchasing their protein supplement.  We hope the below summary can be used as a template to make better choices around which supplement you purchase!

  • Plant Based vs Whey – At BFY Life, we always encourage people that when presented with similar options choose the healthiest option with the best taste. So, when it comes to selecting your protein supplement you should look to cut out any unnecessary dairy or other ingredients that may not improve your health. 
  • Price per serving – Most consumers just focus strictly on total price when looking at supplements. However, you should consider the price per serving because this will maximize your value.   
  • Macronutrients – This seems obvious, but often we hear customers tell us they don’t pay attention to the details around sugars, fats and carbohydrates in their protein supplement. Nirvana Life’s Pr Protein was designed with macronutrients in mind – we only have 1g of sugar/fat/carbs, while providing 24g of plant-based protein!
  • Taste – If it doesn’t taste good people won’t consume it! This one seems obvious as well, but we wanted to mention that sometimes it might be worth sacrificing a little on taste to significantly enhance the nutritional value.  The cost/benefit is important when evaluating taste!
  • Brand – What does the brand stand for? Sometimes a little bit of research could result in whether you align with the brand values.  It’s worth taking the extra five minutes to do this important research. 

We wanted to provide a quick summary of some items to consider when selecting your next protein supplement – we hope this helps provide some context around the selection process! 


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