5 Tips For A Beginner At The Gym

At one point we all were novices at the gym, wondering around trying not the be noticed, and really have no clue as what to do.  So maybe we look at what others are doing and try to mimic them when they weren’t looking, or perhaps we went on YouTube and started doing what the bodybuilders doing.  What I do know now, is I wish I had prevented some of the bad habits I’m working on fixing now. 

With that being said… here are some tips that can make your time more efficient and help get you some faster results.  At least I think so.

  1. Make stretching part of your routine from day 1. To this day I still hate stretching and I struggle daily to convince myself to give 5 to 10 minutes of post workout stretching.  I know the benefits of stretching, and I know how tight I am, and yet I don’t.  This is good.  What I had always thought was you needed to spend 20 minutes stretching before and after each workout.  Not the case.   After your workout give yourself at least 5 minutes.  Hold the stretch for 10-20 seconds that’s it.  Foam Rolling is a great place to start. 


  1. Get a trainer for 12 weeks.  Now this can be easier said than done, depending on your finances.  But we are talking about your body and your health.  Depending on your gym a session could be $30 to $100+.  But having a trainer a couple days a week for 12 weeks can teach you a ton about building programs, managing expectations, working through your limits, and know the best way for you to get results.  By seeing results, you are more likely going to stay the course and having this new lifestyle become a lifestyle.  I could go on for pages on why getting a trainer is the way to go.  I’m sure you have a friend who is a gym rat, but if you are going to listen to him (or her) make sure he doesn’t train you at his level.  You don’t expect a first-year grade schooler to do the work of a senior in high school.  Same thing, you have to start with the basics and work up to more advanced exercises. 


  1. Diet, Diet, Diet. Now you are at the gym working your tail off, trying to do this healthy thing, and the fastest way to see results, is to eat like crap, or go out and binge drink like you did in college.  The old cliché say “abs are made in the kitchen” is really cliché, and to keep with the cliché sayings “you can’t outwork a bad diet”. While both cliché they are true.  Your diet will dictate your results.  Again, this is why reason number two is to get yourself a trainer.  Now regardless if they are certified in nutrition or not, they will have some basic information that will help you build a plan.  If you still need help seek out a certified nutrition.  I’m not saying you need to count your macros for each meal, but you should know what you are putting in your body and how much. 


  1. Check Your Ego at the Door.  This goes double for the wannabe meatheads. While it may look cool throwing around large dumb bells, but what you can be doing is working your supporting muscles versus the muscle you are supposed to be working.    For instance, let’s say you want to curl to work those biceps.  You load up on weights and you start swaying the dumb bell up, you are working more of your back then your biceps. 


  1. Mind to Muscle Connection is a Thing. When you are working on a muscle you need to be focusing on that muscle feeling the contractions, focusing on the growth of the muscle fibers, visualizing that muscle looking like you want it to.  This keeps you from going through the emotions of just putting your time in. 


Post Workout Shakes are a Must. What you thought I was going to write an article on a dietary supplement website and not give a shameless plug for Nirvana Life Nutrition’s Pr Protein?  Which is the best tasting protein on the market.  OK I digress.  But seriously, you just spent 45+ minutes tearing down your muscles, and you want to keep those gains (or loses) you have to start the recovery process within 15 minutes or all that handwork goes for not. 

Here To Help

If you have more questions or need some help getting to a gym to start off, reach out to us and we will be happy to help.  If you are in the Cleveland Area or Rochester, New York or Las Vegas, NV we can even set you up at some gyms that will take good care of you.  Just show up and you will be happy you did!

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