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Limit What You Eat

What is the Best Diet?

If you are looking to shed a few pounds, or looking at changing your lifestyle you’ve probably seen a ton of diets out there, that claim to be the best – but are they? From all the research I’ve done along with everyone else at BFY Life we can confidently say, there isn’t a diet out there that is a ‘best’ diet. But are their better diets out there for you than others… absolutely! While I would love to say drinking Pr by Nirvana Life Nutrition all day is the magic bullet to losing weight and gaining muscle and nothing else is needed, well I’d lying to you!

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madness post workout smoothie

Strawberry-Banana “Madness” Smoothie

The Shake below is technically more designed as a pre or post exercise shake. The reason for this is because it’s very simple in terms of ingredients but mainly because it has carbs, protein and low fat which are ideal for post workout and even pre workout. My pro tip here would be if you are using this as a pre workout shake, using the almond or flax milk is a good idea because it gives you a little bit of fat in this smoothie. If you don’t want to use either of those milks, you can use water and add 1 Teaspoon to up to 1 tablespoon of Almond or Peanut Butter for a little extra fat in the pre workout smoothie or if you are using it as a meal replacement.

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Tofu Healthy

5 Reason to Eat Tofu

While I love our Pr Protein by Nirvana Life and if I could, it would be the only thing I would consume! Lol. But You can’t live on protein shakes alone. So, another good source of Plant-Based Protein is Tofu. This is a staple in my kitchen as most of my prep cooking involves tofu.

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I’ve recently discovered that if I make my bedtime shake more dense and less like a shake I feel fuller and enjoy my bed time treat a little more. It may simply be a placebo affect but it works for my final meal of the day, and it seems to last longer (aka all night long while sleeping)
Before I stopped taking whey I would have a casein shake before bed, as it is slower releasing then your typical whey, isolate protein or in this case plant-based protein. So sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night hungry, so I would eat. However making muck has ended this middle of the night hunger and my sweet tooth.

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Fat Elvis

fat ‘phat’ Elvis Smoothie

One of my favorite shakes to have is The Phat Elvis (aka The Fat Elvis), I just don’t think when you are making a shake for weight management you should have the word ‘fat’ in the title.
The shake is named after Elvis’ favorite sandwich, which was Peanut Butter and Bananas. I’ve just made it better with Chocolate flavoring. One of the key components in making a healthy plant-based shake that is often overlooked is the protein. That is why our dietary supplement line, Nirvana Life Nutrition is all-natural and great tasting.

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What Vegans can have for snacks

11 Plant Based Snacks You’ll love

Chocolate Hummus
Yes. You read that right. We’re not joking at all. If you didn’t know about this till now, then you’re most welcome. Just pair it up with some strawberries and apple slices, and you’re all set.

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