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“Cleanse Away” Detox your body with these top Supplements

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Here at Nirvana Life Nutrition we want you to “be forever young” – So what a better way than to show you the benefits of detoxing your body through some of the most beneficial detox supplements in the industry.

Most people think doing a “detox” will make them lose all kinds of weight but it’s usually not body fat, sometimes it’s a little bit of fat but most of the weight loss you see is from the removal of unwanted toxins. But removing more toxins will actually set you up for more fat loss if done correctly. Also, by doing this your organs will be cleansed, resulting in more optimal functioning.

Ultimately this means YOU will be operating at a better level all around. Drum roll please…. Here is the list:


Goldenseal extract is a common remedy for cleansing the body. This herb helps you get rid of harmful toxins by increasing the elimination of fluids from the body. This, in turn, can prevent many potential diseases. Another one of the Goldenseal root benefits is its cleansing and antibiotic effect on wounds in the skin.

In addition, Goldenseal extract improves lymph circulation in order to accelerate the healing process. It can also help treat ear infections. Since it boosts your immune system, your body can easily defend itself against invaders like bacteria before they have a chance to infect the tissues. Also, lymph drainage in the ear area becomes more efficient.

Goldenseal extract can treat and prevent heartburn. It helps calms the central nervous system. It has sedating and relaxing effects, which could help with falling asleep faster and not waking up throughout the night. It lowers your blood pressure and slows your heartbeat.

Goldenseal root makes all your internal system and organs function more effectively and efficiently. This includes your pancreas, intestines, colon, liver, spleen, circulatory and respiratory systems, and more.

Psyllium Seed Husk

Psyllium husk benefits digestion by keeping the colon contents moist, malleable, and in this way reduces cramps, pain, and bowel irregularity in irritable bowel syndrome. It is also helpful in managing chronic constipation. The Psyllium works very effectively with high water consumption as it makes the psyllium expand in the colon then pushes all toxins out of the digestive track along with it. So, water consumption is key with this plant fiber.

Other Standout Detox/Cleansing Supplements:

There is still another handful I would recommend. But honorable mention to these other products:

Milk Thistle: Helps detox and cleanse the liver and supports healthy cell balance in the liver.

Licorice Root: Not only is it a big-time immune booster and anti-viral agent but is a potent colon cleanser.

Aloe Vera Juice: Aloe Vera Juice (Or Gel) is a very soothing natural cleanser. It also helps with ulcers, colitis and crone’s disease.

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