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Plant-Based Protein

Review of The Impossible Whopper®

Plant-Based Protein

The biggest thing to have hit the fast-casual market since the Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich craze has been The Impossible Whopper.  As Americans continue to look at alternatives to animal meat, the fast-causal environment is looking to cash in as well.  Vegans are one of the fastest growing sub-cultures in the U.S. 


630 Kcal, 34grams of Fat, 58grams of Carbohydrates (4grams of Fiber) 25 grams of Protein. 

Note: The website says there is egg in the product, so my guess is its coming from the bun. 

The Verdict

Overall, I thought the Impossible Whopper was good.  Any sandwich that comes on their style of bread the macros are not going to be the best.  But if you are on the road, and need something plant-based to eat, and something quickly served, there is nothing wrong with this product.  If you want to make sure your sandwich is free of animal byproducts make you let your order taker know in advance. 

As more and more fast casual place opt for more “healthier” options I would imagine the macros and options will become better.  I think this is great what BK is doing, and as a former McDonald’s Owner/Operator I could count on my hand the things BK has impressed me with, this being one of them.

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