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Staying Fit While Fighting Covid-19

Staying Fit While Staying Home

Staying Fit While Fighting Covid-19

With Covid-19 having the best of America right now.  We are all doing our part by social distancing.  In most states, gyms and fitness centers are being closed for us to get a handle on the spread of Covid-19.  Most of our customers are gym-goers, so during the trying’ time, we are doing our best to not lose our gains.

With a plethora of information circulating the web and social media sites, there is no shortage of home workouts.  There is something for everyone and ever setup possible.  For those who have some weights, no weights, bands, no bands, and so forth.  The important thing is just to be active. 

Our company is full of Certified Trainers, that will be more than happy to help you design a program to work with equipment and whatever you have available to you, but right now every company, gym, and influencer has something you use. 

A few of our favorite gyms and gym-goers have been posting some routines that we think you can incorporate into your routine.  We just want you to continue to be focused on your goals, and if you need some supplements, we got you covered. 

List of Gym’s and Trainer’s Instagram Accounts

Remember to stay safe, and while you may be able to get this virus and be able to beat it into submission, not everyone you are in contact with can fight it off.  So be smart and practice social distancing so your neighbor can be safe too. 

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