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Thanksgiving Tips

Thanksgiving Tips 2020

Thanksgiving Tips

Today is Thanksgiving in 2020 and wow has our world changed since last Thanksgiving. With the COVID-19 shutdowns, some of us had put on the Covid-19 (19 pounds of fat), and are hoping not to add the holiday weight on top of that.    

Here are a few recommendations to help ‘flatten those curves’

  1. Drink water – before you sit down for your Thanksgiving meal(s) have a glass or two of water. This will help to give you a full feeling and help you from overconsuming 
  2. Use smaller plates – while this sounds strange, when you have a bigger plate we tend to want to fill it up, so by using smaller plates it gives your mind a visual of a full plate, but you are not eating as much since well, the plate isn’t your typical size plate.
  3.  Workout – Most gyms are open until noon, head to the gym, and do your typical Thursday workout.  
  4. Post Dinner Walk – After your meal excuse yourself and walk around the block, this can also be a helpful way of skipping dessert.  
  5. Cherry Pick – while I’m sure everything that is being served is going to be amazing, but cherry-pick your favorites, and don’t serve yourself anything portion bigger than your palm, this will also help you control overeating.  
  6. One Plate – don’t go back for seconds or thirds! Get one plate that ISN’T overfilled and enjoy it, remember tip #5? Cherry Pick!!!!
  7. Eat slowly – When you eat fast you can consume more before getting the full feeling, so eat slowly allow your digestive system to work while you are enjoying your meal. There is no prize for cleaning your plate first! Also if you have food on your plate, you’ll less likely to be asked if you want seconds! 
  8. Just 1 small piece of dessert (if you must) – don’t overdo it at the dessert table.  
  9. Don’t cave to family pressure – I’m sure you will be asked if you want a second plate (or third) just say no. It’s ok to say no!!!
  10. Drink water – Yes, it’s that important to repeat drink as much as possible, and keep away from the alcohol!!!

Follow these 10 easy to follow steps and you won’t be breaking the scale come Black Friday.  

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