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Plant-Based Protein

Plant-Protein is for Carnivores Too

Plant-Based Protein

I was at the gym a few months ago, and one of the guys at the gym comes up to me and is asking me about Nirvana Life Nutrition’s PR Protein, so I begin to give him my usual elevator pitch on the benefits on Pr.  Once I say “Its plant-based” he cuts me off, and tells me, that he his old school, still eats meat and does whey protein.  I asked, “have you tried any plant-based proteins”, and he said he had not, when I asked why, he said “because I eat meat”. 

Just because you enjoy your meat, does not mean you cannot enjoy plant-based protein powders or meals that are plant-based.  A lot of people in my industry feel that an omnivore (eat plants and meat) diet is the best diet for us.  For those who haven’t tried a plant-based protein, it is ok to try, even if you love meat, and who knows you may like it.  A good portion of those who buy our protein, eat meat.  But they like the flavor and taste of our protein, and they like that they don’t get what we call the “whey bloating”. 

Depending on what study you look at, 6 to 7 American’s out of 10 who are tested have a negative reaction to dairy, and whey comes from dairy.  From my experiences, once I stopped consuming dairy, for a few months, a friend of mine gave me about 6 pounds of a whey protein.  As cheap as I am, I could not let it go to waste.  The first week I started using it, I felt like I had gain 5 pounds, I was reviewing what I had ate that week, and what my fitness levels were, and everything was the same.  But I felt thick.  But when I weighed myself, my weight was about where it should be.  The whey protein had me feeling bloating, and fat.  That is what I call “whey bloating”.  Now the protein I had that was whey came from a reputable company, and I won’t say it was a bad product, because I don’t think it was.  I just feel (literally) that whey makes you feel bloating, and not lean. 

So, for those of you who eat meat, try a plant-based protein for 30-days and see how it makes you feel.  See if you have a negative reaction to whey.  I never knew I had a problem with dairy until I stopped eating it and tried it again after it was out of my system.  

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